4 solutions to the brother printer issue of unable to scan in the windows 10

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21 Dec

Brother as a printer manufacturing company offers us good quality printers with the help of which we can not only print, but also be able to fax, scan etc. But, like other technical devices, they also have to go through some technical difficulties. Sometimes, your Brother printer may refuse to scan in the windows 10. So, here in this article, we will talk about four simple methods to troubleshoot this problem. You can also take help from Brother Printer Support to fix any kind of Brother Printer issue.

1. You have to check the power connection of the printer and also check if it is Error free

After switching your brother printer to the power on mode, if you see that the LCD display is black, maybe it is off or in the sleep mode.

Here, you have to press a button in the printer to wake it up from the sleep mode. After that, you have to check if the power cable is properly plugged in the power source and then also check if all the power buttons are in the “ON” mode.

Now, check if there is an error like paper jam, ink/toner empty is displayed in the LCD display of your brother printer. If you find one, to remove it, perform troubleshooting.

2. Verify the connection

You have to configure your printer through peer-to-peer network environment if you want to use the network scanning tool. It should be done because the network scanning tool works from a server computer instead of a client PC.

3. You have to check if the printer is available to print

To perform this, you have to go through a process for which you have to open the Printer Properties. Follow the process described below;

First, you have to click start and then select the control panel.

Then, here you have to click at the Hardware and Sound

Now, click at the Devices and Printers

After that, you have to right click at your brother printer and then choose Printer Properties

At the last, click at the option “Print a text page” so that you can know if the printer is available for print or not.

4. The Brother printer’s scanner driver should be examined

To perform it, you have to open the scanner list first by going to the control panel

Now, after entering the control panel, in the search box, you have to type “Scanner”

Then you have to select and click at “View Scanners and Cameras”.

Here, you can check if the icon of your brother printer is existing or not.

If you are unable to find it there, install the scanner driver by downloading it from the brother’s website.

So, these 4 are a normal and easy way that can help you in troubleshooting the Brother Printer issue of unable to scan in the windows 10. There are many other ways also to fix this issue. If no one of these solutions is working, you can take help from the Brother Printer Support.

Brother Printer Support

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