Step by step process to reload ink cartridges in the HP printer

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28 Dec

A printer is a machine which we basically use to print, scan or fax our documents. Among various companies who produce printers, we all are familiar with HP. HP printers are good in quality and help us by offering us service with minimum flaws. A printer has various parts and the ink cartridge is an important part of the printer which we have to change time to time so that we can print our documents without any problem. The task of changing the ink cartridges should be done very carefully. So, here, we will talk about how to change the ink cartridges in the HP printer. HP Printer Technical Support can also help you regarding any issue related to the HP printer.

The method of reloading HP printer ink cartridges

  • Start the process by removing the old cartridges from your HP printer.
  • First, you have to turn on your printer and then open the top cover of your HP printer.
  • Now you have to wait for the carriage to move from left to the right of the printer.
  • To remove the ink cartridges from the ink holder, you have to press the ink cartridges down which you want to remove.
  • When you see that the existing ink cartridge is separated, you can pull that out.
  • We can see that there are some HP printers which carry personified cartridges for each color. If your HP printer is also like this, then also you can follow this process. You have to take out every color cartridge which you want to replace.
  • Next, you have to take out the new ink cartridges from the packaging condition.
  • Then, you have to drag the pink tab so that the protective tab from the ink cartridges can be removed.
  • You should not touch the ink nozzle or the copper contact which is in the ink cartridge. If you touch these, it may create issues like clogs, ink failure or the bad electronic connection. Also, you don’t have to remove the copper strips.
  • Now, you have to put the new cartridges in the ink slot by making the ink nozzles facing in the different direction from you.
  • In the top of the ink cartridges, you can see two small plastic tabs which inform you about the ink numbers and these tabs may closer to you so that the ink nozzle facing away from you.
  • Inside the printer, you have to locate the color cartridges in the left side and the black cartridge in the right side.
  • After this, in the last step, you can close the door of the printer in the proper way and you can hear a sound that is the cartridges slide back in their place. To check if it is done properly or not, print a test page.

For any confusion regarding your HP printer, you can get help from the HP Printer Technical Support team. They can help you in loading new ink cartridges also into your printer.

HP Printer Technical Support

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