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05 Dec

Printers over the years have become a very important part of our professional life. No matter what age group or what profession we belong to all of us find their need. Be it a student or a professor everyone has their own documents and images for printing. And to keep the printer running properly it is important to keep the printer driver updated. An old and outdated driver may affect the way a printer prints. But many of us do not know what a printer driver is and the importance to update it. Today we will look into the importance of a printer driver and how we can update it. If you face any difficulty in following the steps mentioned here then contact HP Printer Customer Support for assistance.


Before we begin with knowing the steps to update the printer driver let us first look into what a printer driver is. A printer driver is a software that helps the computer to communicate with the printer. Thus all the printing command that is sent to the printer from the computer is through the printer driver. This printer driver converts the data that needs to print into a form that is recognized by the printer. Thus if you have a corrupted or outdated printer driver then the command sent by the computer to the printer will not reach efficiently.


If you facing an issue with the operating system or while printing it is important for you to know how a printer driver is updated. And just like operating systems, a printer driver too has regular updates that will help then fix any present bug and also ass some additional features. The driver helps the operating system and the computer to communicate, thus it is very important to keep them updated. Thus the steps mentioned below will help you update your printer driver-

1. First by opening the control panel and then type 'devices and printers' in the search box

2. Now locate the HP printer model that you are using on the screen and select it

3. If you notice a yellow exclamation mark on the screen, then you will have to contact our HP Printer Customer Support for guidance.

4. Now click on the 'printer properties' and select the new driver

6. Now follow the wizard to add the printer device by searching the dropdown list for the printer model you wish to use.

7. And then download the new driver

8. Now run the installer to complete the set-up.

Thus your printer driver is installed and updated.

For manual printer driver update-

In case you already have the disk that came along with the printer then you can use that to install your printer driver.

• First, start by clicking on the control panel of the computer.

• Then go to hardware and sound.

• Now go to the device manager. This will display a list of all the available hardware.

• Now click on update driver software. This will display the best driver software for your printer

• Now click on the install option and start installing.

• Once the installation process is completed then click on the run button

• Thus your printer is updated.


The HP Printer Customer Support works all round the clock to ensure that its entire customer gets the best service possible. A team of professional at dial printer support provides you with the right solution for all your system and printing related issue. They all make sure to answer all your queries and doubts. So call +1–888–621–0339 if you are facing any issue regarding your printer.

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